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Affordable furnishing for better living! Othudore Nigeria Founder's Note

I believe in the ability of seemingly ordinary people to do great things provided they have the right resources and motives. Othudore Nigeria was established to empower mainly young families and businesses in their quest to achieve their objectives and dreams.

I am a believer in dreams, goals, purpose, fulfilment and joy.

Our corporate vision is to provide high quality home and office furniture, appliances and accessories to our customers to ensure better living and business environment.


There are many would be entrepreneurs and young businesses that can barely afford the cost of investing in basic equipment needed to run their businesses optimally because of the high cost of equipment in the market. 

In the horrific incidence at the recruitment exercise conducted by the Nigerian immigration service many of these would be entrepreneurs lost their lives because they were haggling to get a job. Similarly, many families in our society can barely afford to get high quality furniture and appliances to create an ambient environment. These families often have to go without these basic necessities that are so crucial in home building.

I kept thinking of how to contribute my share in ensuring we collectively reverse this negative trend. I finally got an inspiration from God on what to do and Othudore Nigeria was born.

Environment friendliness

New startups and organizations are springing up everywhere and woodworkers are cutting down trees at an alarming rate causing havoc to our immediate environment and climate. Similarly, organizations have found it difficult disposing of their no longer needed items and some of these items end up in the waste stream.

As a social and ecologically minded business, we are passionate about having a sustainable planet for future generations. We aim to these keep materials out of the waste stream and to extend the usable life of the materials. Our approach to ensuring this is possible is recycling high quality furniture and appliances and making it available to our clients.


There has been a decrease in quality furniture designed to meet customer needs because of a lack of creative and experienced designers. The organizations who can provide high quality products charge outrageous rates for their services.

How do we create value?

Othudore Nigeria limited creates value by providing multiple avenues for solving the challenges of our customers. We do these by offering refurbished, used and off the shelf products and services to our clients realizing that they may not all have the resources to purchase these items brand new. Also, we provide excellent customer service from pre client engagement to post client engagement with focus on building lasting happy relationships.





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